At CottonBelle, we are committed to sustainability and ethical business practices. Nearly half of our open line is composed of sustainable fabrics: 100% cotton, linen, bamboo, hemp and silk charmeuse. Click on fabrics to review nearly 100 sustainable, decorative fabrics suitable for pillows, covers and curtains.


Cotton is a sensual, sustainable fabric produced by generations of American family farmers. It is not grown today as it was in past decades. By applying modern technology, such as integrated pest management and drought-tolerant plants, the environmental impact has been greatly reduced. Cotton takes sunlight and converts it directly to a fiber without intermediate processing steps.

CottonBelle features more than 70 all-cotton fabrics suitable for pillows, duvet and futon covers, and curtains. Sustainable as a fiber and as a future for family farming.



Bamboo looks and drapes like silk. 100% bamboo fabric is antibacterial, breathable, cool, hypo-allergenic and odor-resistant. Its sensual smoothness, wicking and ventilation make it the ultimate eco-choice for bedding.

Repeated testing has proven its strong durability, stability and tenacity. Passes flammability requirements with no formaldehyde. It can be washed or dry cleaned.



Hemp is super strong, durable and resists ultraviolet light and mold. The use of hemp goes back at least 10,000 years in Taiwan. To preserve the beauty and luster of the hemp fabric, dry cleaning is recommended. If washing, turn cover inside out and line dry.



Silk Charmeuse is a smooth, semilustrous fabric. Silk balances body heat, repels dust mites in bedding and contains amino acids that retard wrinkles. For centuries, Chinese women have known that sleeping on silk pillowcases can help prevent facial lines and “bed head.”

Combined with hemp, silk charmeuse (40% silk, 60% hemp) is suitable for light-duty upholstery, bedding, curtains and pillows. It can be washed or dry cleaned.

Futon cover in all-cotton Milk Chocolate Stripe; pillows in Chocolate, Robin, Robin Stripe and Polka.
Bedding in Autumn Silk Charmeuse and Pearl Silk Charmeuse.