Soft Goods for The Home.

Sustainable, Durable, Lovable.

Photo Credit: Brady Street Futons Milwaukee, WI

In 1989, in a tiny rural town, two women started making soft goods for the home. Decades later, CottonBelle evolved into a custom workroom, meticulously making indoor and outdoor cushions, pillows, bedding, futons, curtains and covers for retailers and designers coast to coast. CottonBelle offers over 1,000 fabrics, including Sunbrella and CottonBelle collections to help create custom well-coordinated looks inside and out.

Pride, partnership and caring for each other and what we do has sustained CottonBelle for many decades. We love textiles and we love our customers. Community and sustainability is rooted here in rural Missouri including buying thoughtfully, valuing durable, well made products that last and are made in America.

Contact us for a retailer or designer near you to help make selections thoughtfully, creating design, color and comfort to your specifications or be in touch about projects, quotes and partnership.

"Have Nothing In Your Home that is Not Beautiful or Useful"

- William Morris