Pillows are one of the least expensive room makeovers – changing a whole room or adding a splash of color to a chair, sofa or bed. Pillow forms are available in a variety of sizes in feather down, polyester and down alternative. Removable covers can be selected from CottonBelle’s open line of fabric or a customer’s own fabric.


Pillows can make all the difference in how your furniture will look:

  • Cushy
  • Clean and tailored
  • Contemporary
  • Dramatic
  • Subtle

If you consider:

  • Coordinates and trims
  • Contrasting piping
  • Pieced
  • 2” flanges to soften edges, ½-1” Butterfly flanges for a high-end finish
22” Izmir, Jasmine and Seaglass.
3 piece velvet pillow orange gray and ivory
Three piece specialty pillow in Velvet Satsuma, Velvet Oyster and Velvet Charcoal.


Not only can pillows make all the difference in how your furniture looks, but also how you feel.

Arms 20-inch pillow or 20x20x3 pillows can offer support.
Lower back Lumbar 14×22 pillows feel great.
Full back Full support from 24×24 pillows.
Legs Give them a bolster pillow under the knees.
Deep chair seat Use a 20-inch pillow behind your back.
Lounging Use a standard bed pillow with a lovely cover or oval bolster to stretch out on the sofa. Bed pillows both cushion hardwood arms and provide extra guest pillows. Down and feather inserts feel luxurious.
Nursing New moms report the 20x20x3 pillow is the best.

Choose combinations that are just right for you. Relax and support all of your joints and enjoy your beautiful, comfortable sofa, chair or bed.

Once you get started, look around at the rest of your room and consider accenting other pieces with coordinating pillows, floor pillows, custom window seats, and chair cushions.

Pillow Stocking Program

Welcome to our new Pillow Stocking Program for retailers and designers. All of these pillows come filled and labeled ready for merchandising. Specific fabrics and sizes have been selected for the program from our open line to offer the best possible service and delivery. All items are made in America.

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